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Looking for a natural approach to your health problems? Are you suffering from symptoms that seem to be unexplained or undiagnosable? Functional medicine uses an investigational approach to find the true root cause of your symptoms or condition and not just masking or covering up the discomfort they cause. By addressing the source of your symptoms and supporting weakened systems your body can then heal and return to a natural healthy state. 

The foundation of functional medicine understands the interplay and connection that all body systems have with one another. Your symptoms can sometimes be far removed from the apparent source. Diverse testing of saliva, stool, urine and serum can reveal underlying causes behind symptoms and provide deeper insight into how each system is functioning and needing support. Then targeted nutritional, lifestyle and supplement recommendations are made to remove barriers, rebalance and restore vitality.

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About My Approach

My approach begins with a comprehensive assessment that includes functional lab testing, complete health history, symptom questionnaire and lifestyle assessment. Putting all of these elements together results in a truly customized wholistic program that will get you back to doing the things you love. With the guidance, education and support that I’ll provide all you need is to bring to the table is your commitment to be successful. Why is this approach different? The conventional approach is to determine a diagnosis and  recommend a pharmaceutical for that specific diagnosis or symptom. While pharmaceuticals do save lives many can mask symptoms by blocking chemical messengers while not addressing the true root cause. The underlying condition may persist and additional or  different symptoms can result. Even nutritional supplements can be used as relief care and may not address the root cause if not used properly.You are more than your symptoms, condition or diagnosis. You are a whole person with MANY facets that affect your health. Each one of these facets needs to examined and addressed to have a truly comprehensive approach. Every pillar of a structure needs to be in tact for the structure to be sound. Each pillar of health holds equal importance which is why I recommend extensive lab testing and look at other lifestyle factors that many practitioners can overlook. This transformative program includes recommendations on Diet, Rest, Exercise, Stress Management and Supplementation to support ALL of the elements needed for optimal health. Discover your true potential and together we will embark on your journey of healing and transformation.

Alexis Appleberry BSc, FDN-P, AFDN-P

Disclaimer: I do not claim to be a physician and I am glad that I have been trained differently.  I cannot treat, diagnose or cure any disease. What I CAN do is look at you as a whole person through functional lab testing, assessments and health history and determine "healing opportunities" then design a program to address them to allow your body to return to optimal function.


Alexis has incredible insight into the human body and spirit. Her compassion and encouragement helped me every step of the way. I am back to living and loving my life again! Thank you!

Kimberly Wilcox


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